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    Oct 23, 2008
    Since the new Resident Evil is a 100% port of the Gamecube version i tought that it could work... and it did.

    1. Run RE save immediately at the first writing machine.
    2. Run Savegame manager alpha3 from Waninkoko and extract "Resident Evil" to you sd card
    3. Get a Resident Evil GC save from (you will get a .dat or a .gci file)
    4. Open it with Hex Workshop
    5. Select with your mouse from the first byte till the text "Resident Evil NORMAL (or HARD)"
    6. Hit the cancel button to strip those selected bytes.
    7. Save
    8. Rename the .sav or .dat or .gci file in B01.dat
    9. Copy it over the wii savegame in your SD card in sd/savedgames/0001000052453450
    10. Run Savegame Manager in install mode
    11. Install saved game

    Nince one [​IMG]

    I wonder if this works with other GC saved games.

    PS: If you want more saved games to be loaded (B02,B03, etc) you MUST have the same number of saves in your WII saved game.
    PS1: do not try to edit the savedgame any further (adding ammo, items, etc) as there's a checksum in each saved game. I cracked it using IDA but with this trick is useless.
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