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    I'm currently learning C# through GODOT Engine (after many days of useless Unity tutorials) and many of my scripts are not quite compatible when testing my scripts.
    I then read that... C# code should be written in a different IDE other than Godot's.

    Thing is that, as I'm using Winblows I decided to go with Visual Studio... only that I'm a bit confused with it...

    The Visual Studio Community installer is telling me to add some parts of it in order to use them for my purposes... I think?
    Like, the installer has different options to Install "a part" of VS that is dedicated to Game Scripting, and install another part that's dedicated to Cocos2D and another part that's dedicated for Unity, and another part that's dedicated to be compatible with Mac, and another part that's dedicated to Apps, and so on and so fort.
    The ending file size of installation exceeds 30GB of space...

    Am I being stupid here?

    Like, the "regular" part of Visual Studio that's supposed to be for General Purpose is about 180MB... will that work for my purposes? (Godot C# scripting through Visual Studio Community) OR DO I HAVE TO INSTALL THOSE DEDICATED PARTS TOO?
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    You can always rerun the Visual Studio installer to install missing parts, so try your gut feeling first, and if it doesn't work out you can just install the next part :D
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