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Discussion in '3DS - ROM Hacking, Translations and Utilities' started by pattyjo33, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. pattyjo33

    pattyjo33 Member

    Nov 7, 2016
    Hi !
    Sorry if I'm not at the right place :shy:
    I Have an old 3ds in 9.4.0-21E
    I play to ACNL and for my saves editions I used http://www.marcrobledo.com/apps/acnl-editor
    I have no problems with the "ram method" but now I can't use this method :(
    So I have an Homebrew launcher and use the new method.
    I have many problems.
    "AC:NL save manager" give me an error message "missing target title"
    To dump the save I use JKSM.
    When I'm on the editor and choose an item to put on the map, the name change when I put it on the ground. When I inject my save all my objects are replaced by "mannequins" :sad:
    I have a list with the ID of items so I would like to know if there is a save editor where I can use these ID.
    I read many things on the net and I don't know what to do. Can you help me?
    I'm french and begin in "hack" :wacko:
    Thanks !!!
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