Request: Gecko OS with TCP support

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    Apr 18, 2013
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    since it is pretty much impossible to find an original USB Gecko these days I thought about why not having a TCP-based solution like we have on the Wii U. No additional hardware would be required for the user and the community of Wii cheat code creation could become alive again. If I had enough knowledge about C and C# I would do this on my own tho...
    All the needed source code is pretty much existent. It'd probably just require a few tweaks.

    However, if anyone of you is interested in this, here you can find the source code of all tools:
    Gecko OS for the Wii:
    Gecko dot NET for the Wii (application + source):
    TCP Gecko Installer for the Wii U:
    TCP Gecko dot NET for the Wii U: