[Request] Date and Time Settings on Home Screen

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    Hi guys, ill try to explain why i need this...

    I play Monster hunter 4U, and there is a way to "snipe charms" in the game, with a japanese APP....the problem is, that charm snipping requires that you to set your 3ds time to 00:00 then sincronize with the japanese app, to make the sniping in the game....the problem is, we gateway users, if enter to the settings menu, we get kicked out of the gateway mode, a tool like that will mantain us in gateway mode, letting us to do the snipping method.

    Theres another great tool, the MicroSD Management one in cia, created by gamesquest1 very usefull, if anyone can do it, or tell me how to do myself will be great.

    BTW i have a japanese new3ds.

    Many thanks in advance :lol:
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    the problem is its dependent on what app it is and whether it can be converted into a standalone app and function correctly....afaik the date/time settings is part of MSET (system settings) which is what you already have a problem with as system settings forces a reboot after using it, the reason the microSD management app doesn't is because it was essentially just a hidden app that could only be launched by entering system settings, unhiding it so it was launch-able via the homescreen meant you no longer needed to enter system settings and thus avoided having to reset the console to use it

    have you looked if any of the SDK tool apps allow you to change the date/time.....or maybe someone could make a homebrew app to do it
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  3. Zidapi

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    As gamesquest1 hinted at, you can use the "config" app from Nintendo's SDK to set the time bypassing the settings app entirely.

    You can find the SDK apps online in .cia format at the usual place, under the cia requests subsection. They're also available as .3ds files too if you prefer.
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    I don't think you can exit config menu manually, you gotta restart the system iirc, so probably not a good solution.
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    Damn, you're right. There goes that idea then.

    A plugin could be made for NTR that let you set the time while in game or at the home screen.