[REQ] To DesireHD users with Custom (rooted) ROMs

Discussion in 'Android' started by CannonFoddr, Aug 4, 2011.

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    OK.. first some background...
    I've got a DHD, that originally had Froyo on it - but I went ahead & did a OTA update the Gingerbread - then realize I lost my 'Visionary+' root

    Because of this I then found out I have to downgrade, temp/perm root, S-off the phone - & despite the guide here - I never succeeded (the guide originally had 'Gingerbreak' as the program & not 'fre3vo')

    I did find this guide which actually worked (although I didn't do the 'Titanium Backup' or 'Flash recovery with ClockworkMod' sections) - & I managed to downgrade, temp/perm root & by using this I 'S-off' (note: I didn't use ENG S-Off though) my phone...... the thing is, being a total newbie on rooting/custom ROMs etc, I didn't know that by doing a OTA update - I would block any 'Superuser' features

    So that the situation I have now - a phone with s-off, but no 'root'/'superuser access' running the stock Gingerbread ROM for the DesireHD

    I guess that I have to now re-downgrade again...(I DON'T think I'll have to temp/perm root it though - can some1 confirm this)... BUT I MIGHT have to use ENG S-Off( but I thought this is for a different 'radio' - whatever THAT is !!), then install a Custom ROM that has root/superuser access

    The problem is - there's so many custom ROM's to choose from I haven't a clue to what so good about them

    There's terms used on these ROMS I've got no idea about (what the HELL is 'V® I/O'/'Zipaligned'/'SLQB Memory Management'/'CIFS & CIFS Manager' etc), & do I REALLY need 'Sense 3' or the CPU 'sped up'...or any of the numerous apps (e.g 'Busybox' ??)
    All I want is root access so that I can install apps like 'adfree','droidwall' & 'screenshot' - I'm no fusses about anything else really

    Should I go for a 'customised stock ROM' like 'Gingerbread & Seraphic Custom' or go for a all singing/all dancing one like 'Android Revolution' or 'LeeDroid HD', or what about 'CyanogenMod' ?? - I just have no idea.....

    So my request ....
    To all those DesireHD users who have rooted phones with custom ROMs, what ROM are you using & WHY did you choose that

    Please remember I AM a total Newb on all this rooting stuff - so a custom ROM that is VERY easy to install would be appreciated (I've seen some ROMs that require a lot of work to be done)

    Many thanks in advance

    EDIT: Forgot to mention - I have a HTC lifetime navigation Licence... will flashing a Custom ROM remove this ??.
    I THINK as long as the ROM contains 'Sense' I should be OK
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    I have an Inspire 4G, which is slightly different from the Desire HD, but close enough I can help you out.

    I'm using the MIUI Rom I found on xda-developers(here's a link to the DHD version of the one I use there are other options in the development section. Experiment a bit). It's the most stable ROM I've used, the UI is sexy, and it overclocks just enough to satisfy me.

    Radio doesn't matter much, most ROMs will be fine with the latest OTA Radio. The radio is essentially the driver for your phone's connectivity(or that's how I understand it).

    Sense 3 is very sleek, but if you have any interest in using a Wiimote as a controller for emulators, you don't want a Sense-based ROM. The bluetooth in Sense is incompatible.
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