Replacing lock connector

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by renelima, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. renelima

    renelima Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Anyone know how to replace the lock? I've tried and I can not. It really only catching flat in place or needs it to have the flat contact with the connector? My new 3ds league and already off, I do not know if it's because the connector is making contact or has some other problem.

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  2. heoko

    heoko Newbie

    Oct 5, 2006
    United States
    The only place online you can get those connectors is by buying a broken New 3ds XL mobo, desoldering it and replacing it. I Tried to find the part on aliexpress, but it was fruitless. I have 2 New 3dses at home that I broke because I broke the same connector.

    You were only supposed to pull the connector out with tweezers, not lift the plastic, when you lifted the plastic, you broke the connector and it needs to be replaced.

    You could also do a direct wire solder job, but, that will be messy.
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