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    This question is related to developers. If you are a "normal user" just ignore this thread.

    Hey. I want to replace a specific root certificate. The wiki on says that the eShop only trust requests to servers that will use SSL certificates based on these CA certificates:

    • CertID 0x3
    • CertID 0x6
    • CertID 0x7
    • CertID 0x8
    • CertID 0x9
    • CertID 0xA
    Here you can found a full list of all default certificates on the 3DS:

    I understand that I would be able to add my own CA to this list. But I think the eShop is hardcoded to the above certIDs. So how can I replace one of these certificates instead of adding my own certificate to the CA list?

    I want to play a little bit with the nintendo servers and try to emulate them - just for fun. I cannot find anybody out there who tried it in the past yet, just found emulated multiplayer servers on GitHub. Do you know somebody who tried emulation of other nintendo servers yet?
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