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    Oct 9, 2008
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    Hey guys! I was surfing the web the other day in search of a cheap MicroSD card, but found that I would have to spend about $40 of my own money to buy a new one on amazon. So I found a website called Points2Shop where you can fill out really short, simple surveys in exchange for cash! So After spending a few minutes here or there on this site for about 5 days, I've already racked up over $13 worth of Amazon credit! There's also a ton of proof submitted by other users that this site DOES in fact pay out! I've tried several other similar sites, but they would either ban my account for no apparent reason, or just deny most of the surveys I would complete. I've not had this problem ONE BIT with Points2Cash. I really suggest you check it out!: Points2Cash
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    Apr 21, 2007
    referral links are baaad
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    Read the Rules, put your Referral on your Signature
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    --" Your only supposed to put referral links in your signature...
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    1. Don't do this again.

    2. Read the rules.
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