Remember Me (2013)

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    Remember Me is a third-person action game set in Neo-Paris, year 2084. The game stars Nillin, the world’s top​
    “memory hunter”, working under the banner of being an “Errorist” seeking to bring down the false utopia created​
    by the Memorize corporation, where the plutocrats live in places like Mnemopolis, buying, selling, sharing, and​
    reliving their memories at a moments notice, while the poor abuse this gift and turn it into a drug, spending​
    away their money for a quick memorial high.​
    Nillin’s quest requires that she go through and rewrite the memories of different people by accessing their Sensen,​
    which is mankind’s door to access their memories. These revision sequences, though how few there are, are the​
    high points of the game; however, to get to these highs, you have to drudge through semi-tedious battles against​
    enemies, boss fights that are high in frustration, and overly simplified climbing. The net result ends up being a poor​
    amalgam of Batman Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed. Thankfully, carrying you through these sections of​
    mediocrity you have the often cinematic camera angles, dialogue between Nillin and her mysterious helper Edge,​
    the fantastic soundtrack, and the beautiful outdoor and indoor scenery of Neo-Paris.​
    Touching further on the music and scenery, it should be noted how in-tune these two are. Neo-Paris has classical​
    beauty, modern architecture, futuristic artworks and graffiti, and spectacular technological advancements. The​
    music, composed by Olivier Derivière, in kind, has classical instrumentation overlayed with electronic beats and​
    effects, creating the perfect audio-visual synchronization for the game’s setting.​
    After working your way through to your target and beginning the “memory remix” process, you watch a memory​
    play through for the first time, then you are instructed to rewind by rotating your analog stick counter-clockwise.​
    Fast forwarding can also be achieved by rotating clockwise. Your job is to rewind and fast forward the memory to​
    find certain “memory bugs” that can be abused. A robot that can malfunction, a gun safety that can be turned off, a​
    restraint let loose, simple things that when combined together make big impacts on the memory’s outcome. And​
    while there is always a clear path to your goal in the rewrite process, you can also watch other, equally interesting,​
    alternative scenarios play out. This memory revision process is one of the most refreshing game experiences​
    I’ve had in a long time and makes any problems worth overlooking.​
    Overall, Remember Me has amazing high notes like the memory remixing, amazing soundtrack, and gorgeous​
    visuals, that easily outweigh any negative or mediocre moments that may reduce the game’s focus. I would not​
    suggest playing this game on its hard difficulty, as the extra challenge, I find, detracts from the otherwise​
    amazingly cinematic experience. Play this game and play it quick, don’t get too distracted along the way.​
    Personally, I give this game an 8 out of 10. Remember Me is a thought-provoking and refreshing game experience.​
    Post-review side thought: Remember Me evokes the thought that video games are not all that different from​
    buying a memory for your Sensen. You’re taking someone else’s experience (you’re not Master Chief or Nillin or​
    Mario or any other character), reliving it in full detail, and making it a piece of your own memory.​
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    Good review, and I'll have to agree with your opinion.
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    Your review just sold me on the game. I'll get it come Steam sale.
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    Already finished the game. All I can say is... best ass ever
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    I clicked this thinking it might be about those silly recent movies called "Remember Me".. glad it wasn't. Do yourself a favor and don't watch either because they're both rather boring...
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    I like this kind of games, I'm gonna get it.
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    Thought I'd make sure you and all other interested parties know that:

    Remember Me is now 40% off on Steam.
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    Having beaten the game a while back, I can say that this review pretty much reflects my thoughts on the game. The biggest flaw is definitely the combat system, and unfortunately there is a lot of combat to slog through, but the rest of the game makes up for it.
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    looks pretty good, i'll pick it up on a steam sale prob, thanks!