[RELEASE + TUTORIAL] Giovanni - GBC Emulator for Apple Watch

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    Hey, I didn't know why anyone posted this before. 2 years ago Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan (Gabrieloc) started his open-source project Giovanni Emulator for Apple Watch and now I'm here to bring it to anyone interested. I know there is an old Reddit post, but hey, why not having one here. JAILBREAK IS NOT NEEDED AND THIS IS NOT MINE SO I CAN'T HELP WITH NOT-WORKING GAMES NOR ISSUES WITH THE EMULATOR.


    Some games may crash during gameplay but I tested a few games (Pokémon Gold, Crystal, Yellow, Keitai Denjuu Telefang and DK Country) and execpting a few slowdowns and gamepad-issues, the emulator works like a charm.

    I tested the emulator on an iPhone X with iOS 12.3 beta + Apple Watch 4 with WatchOS 5.2 but the general requirements for installing the emulator are:

    - Apple Watch with WatchOS 3+.
    - iPhone with iOS 10+ paired with the apple watch.
    - MacOS.
    - XCode 8.0+ (For Apple Watch 4 and above, you need XCode 10+ as they come with WatchOS 5.1).
    - Apple Developer account (can be the free one).
    - Git + Github account for cloning the repo.

    There are a few steps to install the app:

    Clone the repo:

    Turn on your mac and clone the repo by git:

    git --recursive git@github.com:gabrieloc/GIOVANNI.git

    git --recurse-submodules git@github.com:gabrieloc/GIOVANNI.git
    You don't need any ssh stuff for getting this cloned and working.

    Open xCode's Project:

    Connect the iPhone to your mac. Open XCode and look for GIOVANNI.xcodeproj or go to the cloned folder by your favourite explorer and open it.

    Building the app:

    You will need to change some building settings like linking in WatchOS, iOS App and WatchkitExtension the developer team. You can change the app name and bundle identifier if you want too. Once you click build in XCode, the app will install in your iPhone. Even if it tells you that you can't install it correctly, the app will install in iOS 12.3 Beta.



    - Dump from your physical games (or download roms from your favourite pirate site) and place them in your computer. They must be .gb or .gbc.
    - Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.
    - In iTunes select your phone > Shared Files > Giovanni
    - Drag your ROMs there.


    Have Fun:

    - Open the app in your Apple Watch. If your game list is not refreshed automatically, open the app in your iPhone and try again. The list will display all your games. Now just tap in the game you want to play.


    - The game will run.

    - Enjoy. <3


    For the controls:


    If you want to see videos of the emulator working, check this:

    Source Code:

    - Original repo: https://github.com/gabrieloc/GIOVANNI

    WARNING: The project from the original repository won't work with latest iOS without some tweaks. I fixed XCode issues and uploaded the code to my github: https://github.com/Manurocker95/GiovanniEmulator.
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    NGL This is pretty awesome
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    May 29, 2016
    yeah, i was so surprised it worked nice even on beta iOS
  4. Manurocker95

    Manurocker95 Game Developer & Pokémon Master

    May 29, 2016
    I forgot to mention I fixed xcode 10+ issues and uploaded the code to my github. Added to the OP
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