[Release] Project Sinner - An Xbox One Homebrew Utility

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    I'm posting on behalf of @Sasori , he asked me to post for him, so all credit goes to him for the utility! :)

    What is this supposed to be exactly?
    I'm glad you asked! Project Sinner is a utility for downloading Xbox One homebrew right to your PC. Currently Project Sinner consists of any/all homebrew available in the scene currently alongside their instructions. If you would like to make a suggestion on something to add, alert me of a missing piece of homebrew, or help make improvements you can do so on the programs github at the bottom of the thread.

    Where are my files?!?!
    Currently this tool downloads all of the files into the "Project Sinner" folder under "My Documents" you can find your stuff there.

    Download: https://mega.nz/#!DRkx2Axa!ApT2_fOhr9JL5EOLNZk741wLicXws33QPyl5MbCrLI8
    Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/...d2ef84f8e945d0cc044f0ee7/analysis/1494919546/

    It is known that the application opens the About page by default. I will fix this in v1.2 due releasing v1.1 at 5am

    1. Removed the fugly status message
    2. Added a fancy progress bar and alert for when your files are downloaded.
    1. Add more homebrew
    2. Add instructions to all homebrew downloads
    3. Add an option to automatically open the download directory.
    4. Purchase and set up a web host for better and more reliable downloads
    5. some secret shenanigans (hint; it may or not be RTE related)
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    Awesome, does that mean that the ps1 emulator works now since it is in the project.