[Release] Pokemon Emerald Srm & Sav conversion Tools

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  1. 8BitWonder

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    Jan 23, 2016
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    Heyo tempers!
    I worked on these couple of tools when I noticed that I couldn't use .srm saves produced by retroarch's vba_next with pkhex. I figured that if they helped me out, maybe they can help some of you out to a degree as well.

    Between the two jar tools here, one converts .sav into .srm (SavToSrm.jar).
    While the other (SrmToSav.jar) converts .srm into .sav.

    As of this time of writing, I've only tested the tools on Pokemon Emerald US, I'm not sure if it works with any other region or whether it works with Fire Red/Leaf Green or Sapphire/Ruby. Though I'm willing to make it compatible with the other games if there is enough interest.

    The project is open source, and anyone can feel free to look at or modify the source code from my github.

    Source: https://github.com/16BitWonder/Pokemon-Emerald-Save-Converter

    The README.txt in the release explains how its directory should be setup, as well as how to use it, hope this helps!

    Release: https://github.com/16BitWonder/Pokemon-Emerald-Save-Converter/releases

    If anyone has any issues, problems, or questions using these tools, please let me know and I'll see if I can address it.

    Why I even bothered to make this tool
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