[Release] Gateway Ultra Beta 3.4!

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    Dec 8, 2014
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    Today we are proud to present a new firmware update: Gateway Ultra 3.4!

    * Fixed new antipiracy check
    * Improved firmware spoofing

    After we noticed issues surrounding some of the latest game backups not functioning
    as 3DS files but working just fine as CIA files, we decided to investigate.

    What we discovered was truly remarkable: a new kind of antipiracy check! Yes, that’s right!
    This took us five minutes to fix and here we are today.

    We also improved the firmware spoofing a bit, as now an additional kernel version check is disabled.
    This is mostly useful for New 3DS users that are still on 9.5 emunand and want to play firmware spoofed games that require a higher kernel version.
    This fix can also be useful for users that want to keep using an older Gateway Ultra firmware and while still being able to play newer games.

    That’s it for today folks!
    Support the innovators, and as always ENJOY!

    PS: Cheat support is coming! We have a proof of concept ready and we are working on integrating it in the next update.
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    json's thread is still on the first page too :P
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