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    Dec 11, 2015
    Well after dumping my nand a few times now I noticed when I zipped files it was getting larger and larger. After using sx os to dump the nand it's split into these files:


    These files - boot0.bin. boot1.bin, full.00.bin, full.07.bin. Shouldn't messed with as they contain data which is required to make your console boot.

    However........if you want a small zipped dump you can edit: full.01.bin, full.02.bin, full.03.bin, full.04.bin, full.05.bin, full.06.bin.

    These files only contain bytes that are files that you installed on your switch such as game updates and NSP files you installed as well as emunand images etc. If you want to zip your nand dump and don't care about old files you can edit those files with a hex editor - such as hxd and zero out the bytes. That way when you compress those files you're not trying to compress bytes that are not needed. The resulting zipped dump will be about 2GB.

    A note on boot0.bin, boot1.bin, full.00.bin, full.07.bin

    Boot0.bin and boot1.bin - should never be messed with - do not edit these.
    full.00.bin - this file contains information such as your username, and other files from the firmware that make your switch boot - don't mess with this.
    full.07.bin - the last 200 bytes of this file contain information which the switch needs to boot - don't mess with the last 200 bytes (the rest can be zero'd out).

    As always - make sure you have an untouched dump, the other edited dump where you zero bytes out should be tested and then uploaded to mega/google drive etc and used as an emergency in case you lose your original dump.
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