Recovering .sav files from SD backup?

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    Edit: Sorry I meant for this to go in the CFW subforum

    Ok so I used my Emunand+Luma O3DS to dsiware downgrade another O3DS. All good. Seven days later I system transfer back to my O3DS, and for whatever reason the transfer doesn't end properly or something, and my Emunand is now in a bootloop of: Start > System Transfers tries to connect to Internet > Fails > Restart.

    Fair enough. I was going to move to a9lh anyway because I installed that on the second O3DS (for a friend) and it seemed awesome. You can see where this is going probably.

    My O3DS is now sitting on a fresh, successful plailect-guided a9lh + luma setup however everything I had is gone except for my NNID. I have a backup of my emunand, but if I try to restore it to sysnand, it gets boot looped as it was when it was emunand of course. So I removed it and went back to fresh sysnand.

    So, my save files were never backed up with something like JKSM because I'm an idiot, so all I have is the SD backup with the Nintendo 3DS folder and the .sav files in there.

    I've tried searching around and poking at various things but so far the only thing that I can make happen is that the game says the files are "corrupt" and it re-creates the save at that point.

    Is there any hope for my saves? I know certain games like AC and Pokemon are more complicated, so let's ignore those for the sake of this.
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    Untill the bootroms are cracked and things can be decrypted without a physical 3ds, im afraid not. Unless you decrypted your sd contents with a nand xorpad beforehand which nobody does. All you can do is wait.