Recommendations Requested: Favorite Family Oriented Local Multiplayer Games

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    We have 2DSXL and 3DS units with CFW. I have 3 kids. Can you guys share with me your favorite local multiplayer games that you enjoy? I'm not opposed to online multiplayer, I just don't have any experience with it.

    Their ages are 9, 10(both M) and 18(F). The boys enjoy Beyblades, Pokemon, Zelda and that stuff. Me not as much but I might learn some.

    The only multiplayer game that we play together right now is Mario Kart. We love the competition. The boys are young but as you probably know they learn more quickly than adults.

    Thanks for any suggestions. Feel free to ask me questions.
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    Jan 15, 2019
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    new mario bros 2
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    Zelda: Tri Force Heroes didn't get great scores because the online is a bit sketchy and the storyline is utterly ridiculous, but the gameplay and level design are really solid. It plays more like a Super Mario Bros game where the players simply need to get to the end of the stages, rather than a typical Zelda adventure where you travel all over the game world.

    It's mainly a 3-player game; you can play local 3-player, online with 2 strangers, or 2 local players with a 3rd from online. The battle mode has the same options but can also be played with just 2 players. There's also a 1-player mode where you control all 3 characters, switching between them using the touchscreen. It's actually not as tedious as it sounds because you can have the characters carry each other around. The 1-player mode is also useful for collecting rupees and materials to make new outfits, which give the players unique power-ups.
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    Greetings! I've just put some work into putting together some lists, check my signature for links to my lists, for you and your kids I have some great personal recommendations!

    please google these games to see if they're for you!

    Download Play Games (you only need one copy to play together!)

    Gotta Protectors ^Download Play
    Kirby Battle Royale ^Download Play
    Kirby Fighters Deluxe ^Download Play (or Kirby Triple Deluxe)
    Kokuga ^Download Play
    Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon ^Download Play
    Mario Party Star Rush ^Download Play (or Mario Party the Top 100)
    Mario Tennis Open ^Download Play
    River City Rokyo Rumble ^Download Play
    Starfox 64 3D ^Download Play
    Tank Troopers ^Download Play
    Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes ^Download Play (3 players only)

    Great games you need multiple copies of:

    Cube Creator DX - like a 4 player minecraft
    Metroid Prime Federation Force
    Heroes of Ruin
    Smash Bros. 4 3DS
    Mario Sports Superstars

    Free to play games with local multiplayer:

    Team Kirby Clash Deluxe - FREE on eShop!
    Ironfall Invasion - FREE on eShop!
    Steel Diver Sub Wars - FREE on eShop!
    Metroid Prime Blast Ball - FREE on eShop!

    a few original DS games with download play you should pick up! or download onto a R4 card: You can use the DS download play on the 3ds feature to play these.

    Pop Island / Pop Island Paperfield ^Download Play (eShop only)
    Bomberman DS ^Download Play
    Metroid Prime hunters ^Download Play
    Namco Museum (features Pac-Man VS. -AMAZINGLY FUN Download Play game!)
    Tetris DS ^Download Play
    Super Mario 64 DS ^Download Play (a fun battle mode)

    That's all I've got for now, please respond if you're still active! :)
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    Zelda: Triforce Heroes is a lot of fun and can be played locally or online (although it's far more fun locally or at least with friends, as playing with random people online can be an exercise in frustration)
    It really works best locally where you can easily communicate with eachother as that makes the game much easier - which sounds perfect for you.
    You need 3 players to play it which sounds like it wouldn't be much of a problem. No 4 player here unfortunately. All the puzzles are designed around cooperating as a 3 man team.

    Smash Bros is fun, but in my opinion is a much better experience on Wii U than 3DS. Still, the 3DS version works in a pinch.
    Mario Party The Top 100 and Star Rush are decent although nowhere near as good as the older Mario Parties (or even Super Mario Party), they are better than 9 and 10 by far. Worth checking out, and good for a few sessions of play before you get bored.
    Wario Ware Gold, one of the more recent 3DS releases, and as always the multiplayer is lots of fun here. Not quite as fun as the Wii one, Smooth Moves, that seemed to have more multiplayer modes available and it's just a lot of fun watching the other players act like idiots in order to win at the game. The Wii was really great for party games. Still lots of fun though.
    I'm kinda lacking in multiplayer 3DS games myself. Those are the only ones that come to mind right now. Which is why when I played 3DS with my family or friends we often ended up loading up some DS games instead. Which brings me to...

    If you set up TWLmenu++ on all the consoles you could play some local wifi DS games. There are a lot of good ones, I'll list some:
    Dokapon Journey I've tried a bit, very well received game, but it's a bit of an odd one. Plays like Monopoly with RPG elements. Definitely a good multiplayer game to play if you like that sort of thing.
    Mario Party DS in my opinion is still the best of the handheld Mario Party games so that's worth checking out as well.
    42 All-Time Classics / Clubhouse Games is a nice little collection of board games and card games for the DS that work well for multiplayer.
    Mario Kart DS and Diddy Kong Racing DS, while older games and not quite as advanced or refined as Mario Kart 7 are still a lot of fun.
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, and Echoes of Time, are both on DS and have some solid multiplayer. These are longer games that will take a while to get through but are divided into stages making it easy to play in shorter sessions.
    That's about all I can think of for now as far as DS games go.
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