Gaming Re: Newer Wiis having superior component output


Jun 3, 2018
United States
Hey guys, I read about this rumor originally on RetroRGB or some site like that. I decided to plop 40 bucks down on a red Wii on Ebay and see for myself if I could sell my GC component cables and make 200 bucks on them.

I confirmed my Red Wii was the 60 revision board with GC ports. Part of the rumor is that the 60 is superior to the 40, and both are superior to the original white Wiis. Not sure about that myself.

So basically I did my testing on a 20" Sharp EDTV. One of those 640x480 panels that was released in '04 or so that cost like 1500 bucks new. Honestly it's a pretty nice display for 480p if you can't find a decent CRT like me, but being LCD it highlights a lot of the flaws in the graphics of the era. I think it might be superior than an actual CRT for testing something like this because of that, but I can't be sure. Ideally someone could do this with a PVM.

I also didn't extensively test instances of motion/action on the screen. I just set up games idle on both consoles on the same menu/environment and used a passive component switchboard with 4 inputs by GE to instantly switch between the consoles and compare the scenes.

My conclusion: there was absolutely no difference. None. 100% the same in color, clarity, everything. Couldn't have possibly looked more identical no matter what game I played.

Games tested:
Both Metroid Primes

I was actually running the GC with an old Wasp Fusion setup. Other benefits of the Wii setup, I installed PortablizeMii on this Wii to make it into a little Pseudo-cube that would never need the Wii Remote unless I wanted to play a Wii game. I booted games with Nintendont and...Super Monkey Ball has sound. Holy crap. You all know about the virtual memory cards and such too which is pretty dope, not sure how well that works yet though.

The funniest thing I noticed and tested was Nintendont's option to unlock the USB drive's speed to theoretically improve loading times. I wanted to see if this would break the Primes, but instead I was shocked to find that there was literally never any delay in a door opening while it loaded the next room. I ran through the Space Pirate Frigate like a speedrunner and this was so. Talk about amazing. Maybe it causes either game to crash at a later point, but maybe not.

I think I will sell those cables at some point since I'm not huge on the gameboy player, but I'd be interested to know what other people have found comparing these units or if you guys have any gripes with my testing setup. I don't have any screen capture equipment, so I can't take photos besides photographing the screen I think.

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