Rapid fire Wii U questions.

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    - Do Wii U formatted USB flash drives work, (for exclusive Wii U access, no vWii) or does it have to be a hard drive?

    - Are both USB ports recognized in Wii U mode, or just USB port 0?

    - I have Haxchi (No coldboot). I run it first, then run games/homebrew. Do I need to take any extra steps to boot up cfw, or is it already in cfw mode when system menu version is 99.99.99?

    - When I boot up Haxchi, is there any way to make the system menu look different (i.e. colors/graphics) so that I know I'm currently in Haxchi mode? It would be nice because some homebrew backs me all the way out to system menu 5.5.3, then when I go to load a different homebrew it freezes because I wasn't in Haxchi and didn't realize it.

    I think that's all of them, thanks you guys.^_^
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