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    Nov 19, 2008
    Sooo, I modded a Wii at my gf's home last week and it didn't go as planned.
    The first thing I did was wipe the memory, make a new wifi connection (which took a while but I got an OK), upgraded to 4.3 and then wanted to try the SD-less str2hax by changing the DNS address to get it modded using the EULA trick.
    It didn't work though, every time I got passed the pony screen it started downloading and then got stuck.
    OK no problem, there's always LetterBomb so I used that.
    Next was d2x cIOS install which gave me random freezes during downloading.
    A few retries though and I'd finished installing cIOS 56 and 57.
    So, onto Loader GX.
    Everything seemed to work as it was supposed to until I started getting random freezes. Sometimes when entering the Howebrew channel, sometimes when loading Loader GX, sometimes during a game. But only through the homebrew channel, never when playing a DVD game. Oh and always when downloading covers in GX. It would manage to download a few png files and would then freeze. So I guessed something had gone wrong during the Letterbomb hack or anything else I'd been installing.
    Anyway, I wanted to try Hermes' cIOS as well so started the installer and it froze during the downloads. Again!
    I was thinking it might be anything wrong with the wifi hardware since the connection was there but would break off as soon as the downloads had started.
    Then I figured I was using a wired access point connected to my router, with my router's wifi disabled (cause its signal strength sucks) and I could try enabling the wifi on the router, create a new SSID and connect the Wii to that.
    PRESTO!!! No more freezes whatsoever. Everything runs as smooth as a baby's bottom.
    I have no idea how an access point can cause freezes (I'd rather had it refused to connect at all) but if you're encountering similar symptoms, try connecting to a different access point (you can use your phone to create a hotspot for testing) and see if that helps.
    It took me hours of frustration and ruling things out. I hope this can help others to solve things more quickly :)
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