R4I3D 11.2 firmware?

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    Does anyone knows if R4I3D (2016 version) has firmware for 11.2? So i can safely update my 3DS without actually loosing the card? I made a lot of google searches but i didn't find nothing about it,does anyone know?
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    If you haven't already, exploit your 3DS with...


    Then your flashcard should work!
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    There is 4 things you need to know right now.
    1. 3DS exploit: This is a way allow to run somethings that normally can't run such as homebrew, etc. Example of 3DS exploit are menuhax, arm9loaderhax, fasthax, etc.
    2. 3DS CFW: This is what you want to allow your 3DS to add more function to FW, such as out of region cart load, pirating, ETC. This one need 3DS exploit to be able to run. Example of CFW is Luma3DS. ReiNAND, Corbenik.
    3. SysNAND: This is your System OS that run on the 3DS.
    4. EmuNAND: The clone of your SysNAND that store on SD card. This one is need to allow CFW to run without some exploit such as menuhax getting remove by Nintendo update
    The choices you have here are:
    1. Installing Arm9loaderhax (A9LH) Exploit with Luma3DS CFW. Can be done by following this guide: http://3ds.guide/ . This one is the most popular setting and mostly safe from removed by Nintendo.The problem is, this setting require user to hack into 3DS System files. So it has a small risk of brick. But, if you're understand and following every step of the guide I gave you correctly. Even though you bricked, it can still be fix by hardmod.
    2. Installing menuhax Exploit with Luma3DS CFW. Can be done by following this guide: How to Autoboot EmuNAND on FW 9.0.0-11.2.0 (without A9LH). This one is more safer in installing state. But, drain SD card space for cloning SysNAND into EmuNAND, and has a chance getting remove if you update to next firmware when you accindently boot to SysNAND.
    3. Buying the new flashcart or update its kernel, since somebody told me that Nintendo stop blocked new DS flashcart kernel for awhile now. This method, I can't guarantee that it will work.
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    Mostly every r4 flashcard works on the latest firmware
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    Sep 23, 2013
    the last attempt to block any NDS flashcards was about 2014, so any card branded "2016" should certainly work on the latest FW

    that said setting up luma and a9lh is a smart move and guarantees compatibility
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