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    Apr 20, 2011
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    R4i-SDHC kernel has been updated to V1.38b on May 19,2011.The new update supports r4i 3ds and r4i series products, and some game issues has been fixed.

    BTW, They also released this short announcement

    'IMPORTANT: Because of the problems with testing, we decided to hold up on the updating patch for NDSi V1.4.2, it can be resolved in the short term, sorry for the inconvenience caused to customers.'

    R4i V1.38b Update:
    1.support R4I 3DS and R4I series products:
    2.Solved following issues of games:
    5689 - LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (EU)
    5686 - THOR: God of Thunder (US)
    5685 - Pocket Monsters : Black (KR)
    5684 - Pocket Monsters: White (KR)
    5680 - Dora's Cooking Club (US)
    5676 - Sesame Street Cookies Counting Carnival (US)
    5671 - Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (JP)
    5668 - Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues (EU)
    5661 - Cosmetic Paradise: Princess Life (JP)
    5658 - Diddl in Cheesecakeland (EU)
    5656 - Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (US)

    Download the latest r4i-sdhc v1.38b here
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    Feb 10, 2011
    Well good for the R4i-SDHC owners. It is a shame every time the DSi or 3DS is updated owners need to buy a new one though, as it has non-updateable firmware. This clone is not really a bad card, one of the better R4 clones out there (http://gbatemp.net/t276904-your-most-ridic...e-found-xp&) (not as good as the R4iDSN, R4iGold, or R4iUltra, but really a good fourth, or fifth I'd say). Well at least its better than all the ones in that thread.
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