r4i gold 3ds update problem

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  1. DL Techy

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    Nov 15, 2014
    Hey guys, I have an r4i gold 3ds revision c with a white dot on the board. When I got it, it shows a dorasu icon on my 3ds with version 9.2.0-20U but shows an error when I open it.

    So I searched the internet and saw that patching the r4i to version 6.2.0-12 will make it work with the latest 3ds version. But everytime I update it with a borrowed ds lite, it says card check fail except for the 1.45 dsi only update.

    After a few more google searches, I found out that a lot of people has this problem. Having not lose hope, I thought to downgrade the r4i's firmware first and maybe that would make the update possible. So I found an old firmware v4.3.0-10 for r4i gold non-3ds only form the site http://www.r4ids.us/r4i-gold-3ds-download.html and it updated (downgraded) to it successfully as shown on the ds's screen. The other firmware versions won't patch successfully. But after doing that update, my r4i won't show on my 3ds and even my borrowed ds lite.

    I got hold of an r4 gold pro to do the swap method to try to fix it, even just bring it back to the dorasu version. But even the 1.45 update that works previously now gives the same card check fail message.

    If you know any way to fix my r4i, please help me. I don't want to spend more money to buy another r4i, so if there is no way to fix this, I'll be very sad.
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    Best solution would be to buy a new one that supports the latest 3DS version. They sell for like $10 everywhere, anyway.