R4 SDHC Card and DS Lite

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    Jul 17, 2009
    OK well girlfriend got a DS Lite for christmas so I got her a R4 SDHC Card. I formatted the card in FAT32 and Copied over the following files/folders:


    All games work fine but have the following questions:

    In the R4 Menu when you go to games you get moonshl2.nds come up with the games, is there a way to hide this as its not a game. I tried deleting it but then the media menu does not work. I just dont want it under the games section.

    In the games menu is there any way to change the display options, like hide the .nds file extension or get it to auto detect the game name without me having to rename all the games.

    I am trying to find a pink Theme for the R4 is this possible? She has a pink DS Lite and at the moment the R4 Menu is bright green.

    As you can tell im a total nooob when it comes to the DS and R4 Cards so be gentle [​IMG]
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    1. No, you cannot do this, .nds files are just the executables, I would actually hate if it hid applications from the file browser
    2. No and No, if you want an auto-rename, download Rominator.(http://www.rominator.net/) or you can do it yourself
    3. Just try http://www.ndsthemes.com(Though the server is down right now) but try the DSTT section because you got a clone R4 with a DSTT menu.