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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by ndsgamingfreak, Dec 16, 2010.

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    hey there i have followed the ysmenu installation step for the r4 but to no avail. i have downloaded ysmenu, DSTT Firmware, Dldi tool,r4dldi,r4crypt. i put the Dldi Tool+r4dldi to the same folder and R4crypt to its own seperate folder.Ysmenu and Dstt together in the same folder.
    so then i proceeded to take the YSmenu.nds to patch it with the dldi tool, patch:r4dldi Binary:ysmenu.nds then pressed the patch button.

    then i have took the ysmenu.nds that i have just patched dragged it back over to Ysmenu+dstt firmware folder and used ttextract.exe
    it created me 2 files that are called ttpatch.dat,ttdldi.dat

    next i have edited the ysmenu config LITERALS=LITERALS_JPN to LITERALS=LITERALS_ENG. then i created a new note pad with the following lines,

    @echo off
    echo ---------------------
    echo Action Menu
    echo ---------------------
    echo [1] Decrypt Firmware
    echo [2] Encrypt Firmware
    echo [3] Decrypt Cheats
    echo [4] Encrypt Cheats
    echo [5] Close
    echo ---------------------
    set INPUT=
    Set /P INPUT= Action:

    if "%input%" =="" goto menu
    if "%input%" =="1" goto decryptf
    if "%input%" =="2" goto encryptf
    if "%input%" =="3" goto decryptc
    if "%input%" =="4" goto encryptc
    if "%input%" =="5" goto close

    r4crypt.exe -d _DS_MENU.DAT OUTPUT.DAT
    goto close

    r4crypt.exe -e YSMenu.nds _DS_MENU.DAT
    goto close

    r4crypt.exe -d CHEAT.DAT USRCHEAT.DAT
    goto close

    r4crypt.exe -e USRCHEAT.DAT CHEAT.DAT
    goto close


    then saved it as GUI.bat and moved it to R4Crypt Tool as said on the tutorial.

    then i have took the ysmenu.nds that i have patched earlier stated above using the dlditool and dragged it over to the r4crypt folder

    then i started up the GUI.bat window popped up,pressed 2+enter then i got _DS_MENU.DAT.
    i have then dragged that file over to the ysmenu+dstt firmware folder that i have mentioned above.then copyed all the files that were in the YSMenu+Dstt firmware into the microsd 2gig

    then i inserted the microsd into r4 Deluxe (Clone) flashcart then i booted up the ndsl and it didn't work =/ it stayed at loading screen...
    so can anyone here please give me pointers on what errors that i have made so i could get this ysmenu to work? please and thank you in advance.


    PS: Sorry, if this was a very long post and thank you for the people that have took their time to read this. i tryed to be as detailed as possible to get a fast solution to what my problem is.

    Tutorial that i was following: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=97615
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    Try This Method..

    Try To Format your Memory Card using sdhc formatter then put the original firmware on your card..
    Then Download This http://www.mediafire.com/?h4aa9kbidbvdnm8
    Extract then copy this on the root on your card..
    Run TTMenu.nds Then run Games..If that doesnt work
    Run TTMenu.nds Then Run YSMenu.nds Then Run Games..