R4 cheat codes won't work...

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  1. Kirby6417

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    Mar 15, 2009
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    I downloaded CHEAT (UE).zip from this site, put it on my computer, extracted it, and put the file into my R4's _system_ file and into each games' folder. However, the existence of those files as far as allowing me to pick the cheats to use and whatnot isn't being acknowledged. Why?

    Any help is appreciated. I may not be here when a response is given, though. I'll just read it later if that's the case.

    EDIT: Fixed. I tried to rename the cheat file I downloaded. I didn't know it would make a difference if I did or not, but it did. XP
  2. Shadz

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    Join the IRC channel #ndscheats or #cheats and we can help you fix it. For now, im unsure. Only thing i can think of is A) Wrong file name. It should be usrcheat.dat or cheat.dat, or B) Wrong folder, but if you have it in _system_ then it shouldnt be a problem.
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    FROM the cheats thread ....