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  1. cozzyman

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    Jun 10, 2007
    sorry if this in wrong place
    i recently hacked my switch which was on fw 3.02 using sx os with
    a licence (not pro) so far so good, put it in flight mode but stupidly
    did have auto rca on at moment, tried to turn it off but when i inject
    so os from pc it skips sa interface and goes straight to nintendo screen
    where things are in hacked mode how do i stop it skipping so i can turn auto rca off?
    i also have two other problems first id like to get update from server
    so i can use ex fat for bigger files and also before i started hack switch connected to
    nintendo to know it needed updated, i didnt let it but now it always thinks
    it should update is this a problem?
    The biggest problem i have is none of the xci games ive downloaded seem to work i get
    error message "game card could not be read, the only one thats worked has been
    mario and rabbits kingdom the other games were mario odessy and zelda split and flashback etc
    Should i get auto rca off update to 6.01 get ex fat go back into flightmode and manually do rca
    from now on, would that be ok or would it get banned (not worried) or blow fuses (does that kill
    the switch)?

    thanks for help and advice
  2. Kubas_inko

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    I gues on earth.
    Boot to SX payload: hold volume up (or down, idk now) while booting, until the SX logo disappears.
    To get exFAT (or any other system update), use choidujourNX and install it that way. It is safer. But you can do it the normal way as well if you want (but might get banned/flagged).
  3. jajamundo

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    Fisrt if you wanna Play XCI games you need to buy a SX OS licenses.

    You have two option and the most recommended is to update using choidojourNX al you dont burn any fuses.

    You can set up emuNand and keep your sysNand in 3.0.1 and update to 6.0.1 just your emuNand.

    When you turn on your switch make sure you hold the volume botton (The one in the right) and wait until you get to the SX Menú. There you can uninstall autorcm if you want
  4. cozzyman

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    Jun 10, 2007
    thanks for reply's already
    yes i have the full licence on sx os just didint buy dongle type
    so xci does work, funny enuff mario odessy has started to work now
    but none of the rest