Quick Reassurance (transferring emunand)

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    I've already read the guide on how to transfer to a new sd card, I just have a few questions and want to make sure I have it correct.

    First off, my system :
    N3DS XL 9.2sys / 9.2emu
    RxTools coldboot with ctrbootmanager
    FBI injected into H&S
    BBM cia installed
    A few games installed
    32 GB sdhc card

    Now, I read the tutorials, and know that EmuTool 1.0.3 works to DUMP a bin file for nand, but fails sometimes at injection. The solution is injecting via 1.0.1, which I have tried, and it works.

    That being said, I know the current transfer sticky adds a second method with an sd image tool and a partition manager, sounds easy enough to follow.

    Now for my question/method:
    I should insert the fresh sd, create hax of my choice, use emunand9 to format and create the emunand partition, then use the emunand tool to inject my previous emunand bin backup, and finally directly copy entire contents of my old sd to the new one (since it would have been wiped clean via the emunand9 format). Does that sound correct? All saves, cia installs, folders, cfw, themehax, autoboot, etc would remain in tact with the sole exception of a new id folder made upon the 3ds initially reading the freshly formatted sd before the content copy?

    Then there is the tutorial, which seems straight forward enough, but was initially considered a "workaround?"

    So which method is more simple, better for the 3ds (heard emunand9 format is better), and the overall preferred method? If my original concept is even accurate, which I hope it is, and I don't sound like a fool.

    Also, last question. I will be migrating from a 32GB sdhc to a 64GB sdxc. That will pose no problem I assume? Just wish to make sure and be positive and thorough while asking.