Questions about SD cards for the N3DS

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    Feb 14, 2015
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    I've searched around on google to see what's good for the N3DS. But, so far all I've seen tested is a few sandisc's and 1 toshiba microSDHC cards. This wouldn't be a problem other than some have said their sandiscs have screwed up on them at some point. Since I'm sure the filing system hasn't changed for the N3DS, I was wondering what everyone else is using in their N3DS systems and what they generally find to be good.

    Heard that transcend has been good for Gateway use and I was thinking about going with them for a future gateway (God willing it ever updates :)
    Typically this one is what I'm looking to buy-->

    But, I just haven't read if anyone has had much success with them for the N3DS. So, yeah. Any info will be appreciated :)