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    Hi guys my name is Steph I visit this site every so often and try to help new members when I get a chance... anyways here is my question

    I have a web site:

    We sell flashcarts and we recently became a distributor... (its hard to be linked under reseller/distributor as there are requirements...)

    I see here on the forum theres a list where you can possibly buy cards from (trusted sites / sellers) so my question is... how will I go about having my site listed there? IF POSSIBLE. Not sure if anyone from here has ever bought from but yeah... we ship the same day or the next depending what time was the order placed and we are located in Miami, FL.

    I don't even know where exactly to post this so I'm hoping I chose the right place... any help would be appreciated.
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    PM one of the mods on vendor posters, they will tell you if you need or what you would have to do, etc.