[Question] When to use 8-,16-, and 32-bit search when looking values?

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    Jun 12, 2015
    What are the differences between the three searches when looking for cheats? I always use the 32-bit successfully when playing MHX, Yokai watch, etc.

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    I'm asking this question myself, too.
    I want to find the value for the timer in SSB 3DS (EUR) for the Smash run - would be nice to run through the map with some extra time! But I don't even know how to look after a value that is formated as time - pls helpme too
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    8 bit if the maximum/minimum value is between 0 and 255 (unsigned) or -127 and +128 (signed) (usually used for lives and item amounts etc)
    16 bit if maximum/minimum value is between 0 and 65536 (or -32767 and 32768) (usually used for health/hit points/character stats? etc)
    32 bit if maximum/minimum value is between 0 and 4 billion (or -2 billion and +2 billion) (usually used for money and other big values etc)

    edit: for time values, best to use a 'less then / greater then' search with a 32bit value.
    first, you'd do an initial search, go back to game, let timer run down a few seconds
    go back to menu and do a less then search, go back to game, run down timer a bit more
    and repeat the less then search until you find a hit, sometimes it might not work.
    If you run out of time, have the game reset the timer back to a higher number, then you'll
    need to do a 'greater then' search the FIRST time only, (as you will have MORE time then
    when you did the previous search), then go back to doing a 'less then' search.

    Tried messing around with SSB 3D Europe in smash run,
    I did a unsigned 32bit value search as initial search, and did what i said above.
    Found that offset 330F10AC stores the timer in seconds, edit that offset and the timer set to 9:59.99,
    (at time of search, game time left was 4:42.xx seconds, (4*60+42 = 282, in hex thats 11A)
    (edit: Seems the offset changes each time you load a stage..)

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    Jun 12, 2015
    This is great! Thanks a lot! My question is answered.