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    Ok, this is a quick and easy question.

    Situation: The fan for the HSF of my brother's computer has "flown off". Needless to say, he can't put it back in, so he needs a replacement fan. Fortunately it's simply a matter of getting a new 120mm fan and clipping it into place.

    Question: Since most 120mm fans come with a 3 pin connector, will it fit into the 4 pin CPU_FAN header on the motherboard?

    Since my brother needs it urgently, and where he lives there are no suitable shops for HSF/fan replacements, I'm gonna have to buy one in the morning and take a train to deliver it. Still, it would be helpful to just check this one point where I'm not sure (and google is surprisingly unhelpful).
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    It should work just fine.

    Nevermind about what was here before. Now that I think about it, it probably wasn't a fan port
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