Question regaerding DIOS MIOS Formats

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by cammelspit, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Sep 21, 2012
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    OK, so this question is more a clarification. I know what the three options do in the dmtoolbox. Raw is just that raw iso image with the full junk data making an ISO ~1.35GB or so. I assume the optimized removes the junks data, or the superfluous zeroes at the beginning of the image that are generally unnecessary. There is also an option for extracted. This one was new to me as i was using the command line tool to convert my ISO images to DM format before but I tried it just in case. It made a folder called root instead of an ISO image and there was the full files from the image right in the folder, neat! Now, my question is this... What is better? Rather what is generally considered more useful. I have only a 300GB HDD and space is an issue at times so would extracted mode be smaller or the same as optimized? If not then is it perhaps more compatible then optimized? I just use optimized on all my ISO images and the vast majority work great that way but when I do come on one the fails and it's supposed to work by what the official compatibility list says I just make it RAW and hope for the best. BTW only like 2 games I've used so far wont work optimized even though the list says that many more should NOT work, really, most do. I have Smash bros. Melee in extracted AND optimized forms on the same drive and that one game isn't smaller at all since it uses the majority of space on the disc anyways so I was hoping someone else may have used these options a little more extensively.