[Question] Moving around NNIDs?

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  1. TheHermitTurtle

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    Sep 17, 2016
    I'm a new a9lh user. I had to take the hard road (11.0.0-33e downgrade via a hard mod) so I'm not a complete virgin... but when explaining things please assume I know nothing.

    What I have:
    An o3DS XL with the hard mod, a9lh/Luma and a trash NNID.
    A n3DS XL without a9lh (stock) and a NNID I want to keep. I bought several games on that account and my Pokébank is on it!

    What I want:
    Use the o3DS to install a9lh on the n3DS with the DSIware Downgrade.
    I want to keep the good NNID on the n3DS.
    I have no credit card, so I have to buy a 15 euro eShop Code to purchase Fieldrunners. I'd like the remaining 10 euro on the good NNID.

    How to do it?
    Ideally I'd transfer the NNID from the n3DS to the o3DS; then transfer back in the DSIware Downgrade. But of course, that isn't possible.

    Now, other then a Pokémon savegame I don't have anything on the n3DS I care about. And even the Pokémon savegame I'm willing to abandon if that is what it takes.
    I read that when you format you 3DS it releases the NNID. Is that correct?

    Could I?:
    1. Format the stock n3DS XL to release the good NNID.
    2. Format the a9lh o3DS XL to clear the trash NNID.
    3. Setup the good NNID on the o3DS XL.
    4. Buy Fieldrunners on the o3DS XL with the good NNID.
    5. DSIware Downgrade from a9lh o3DS XL to stock n3DS XL; transferring the good NNID back to the n3DS XL in the process.
    6. Profit!
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    Jan 8, 2016
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  3. trinhno

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    Aug 5, 2015
    As pointed out, NNID is not really unlinked from the system even after a format. Secondly, you can buy from e-shop even without an NNID. If you log into a 3DS that is not associated with an NNID with your NNID, it'll take over the games and remaining balance.

    So what you can do is:
    1. Format both 3DS's.
    2. Buy field runners on the O3DS. Change the save.
    3. Transfer to the N3DS.
    4. Mod the N3DS to A9LH
    5. Update and log into your old account
    6. Profit

    Another way to go is to call Nintendo and tell them to unlink your NNID from the N3DS because you've sold it and link it to your old system that you still keep. That way you can have the NNID on the O3DS.
  4. TheHermitTurtle

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    Sep 17, 2016
    Thanks for the replies!

    From Joom's link I worked out that can go back to the good NNID on my n3DS. So I decided to go that route;
    1) Bought Fieldrunners on the trash NNID.
    2) Transferred the trash NNID to the n3DS for the downgrade.
    3) Installed a9lh on the n3DS.
    4) Formatted the n3DS and set it up with the good NNID again.

    I lost the Pokémon save, so guess I'll have to marathon that!

    10 euro remained on the trash NNID. I decided Nintendo can have that, seems fair ;)