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    May 27, 2011
    Ive been reading that the oothax can be used to get the n3ds hax working on the latest version of the console.

    I currently have the 11.0.3u I believe. The one before this update. I used broswerhax and menuhax to get that one installed.

    My question is do I need anything else to get a saved file working to my eshop version using the savedatefiler to inject one of the oot3dhax_rawsaveimages_haxpayloads_09-15-16 save files to my 3ds to get the save file read for updating my 3ds

    Also I would like to know about the steps needed to get this working. Or perhaps do you think it may be better to keep on this version and say screw it to using internet browser and the badge arcade for the time being?

    *just a edit on this, When i am using the save manager to extract the save file. All I am getting is a yellow screen with OOT. My other game titles work fine to extract save files.
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    You can't install the save file over 10.7. You could use your already hacked console to install it on a cartridge, but for the eShop version you are out of luck.