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    I have a Nintendo GC Memory card, so incompatible with nugasa and GCMM, and I want to backup my saves.
    I was wondering if SDGecko can be used to backup the saves on an SD Card.
    The other solution is buying a USB-Gecko, but I don't really need it (it's like firing on a mosquito with a cannon...)

    I can't find an answer in other post or in google (bad query?)

    Anybody with an SDGecko can answer me?
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    First I did explain MCbackup, but I ended referencing all 3 possible tools, so this thread can help a lot of people [​IMG]
    Note : I only tested MCbackup.

    There are three tools for managing GC Memory Card saves :

    1 MCbackup : Takes advantage of SDgecko, and is a GC homebrew, hence it need to run in Gamecube mode.
    2 gamecube saver : Wii homebrew, works with Wii front SD but doesn't copy the saves from the Memory card to SD, it's only a restore tools from saves found on the web to Memory card.
    3 NuGaSa : Wii homebrew too, and works with front SD slot. Allow both SDMemory card, but doesn't works well with official Nintendo GC memory card.


    What you will need :
    - Wii modchip, or modified Mios to run GC homebrew (search for GC homebrew launcher)
    - GC controller
    - SDGecko
    - SDload
    - MCBackup.Dol

    1 - create a selfboot iso for SDload, or download the iso [not tested] (I hope there's no illegal files, I didn't check the entire website, if there are please Mods, just remove this link)
    You can replace SDload by Wiikey config disc 1.3, or 1.9x, as it's already included. [That's what I'm using]

    2 - put MCbackup.dol into the root of your SD card, and create a folder named MCBACKUP (in caps)
    then, put SDGecko into slot A, your GC memory card into Slot B, and connect your GC controller

    3 - Boot the iso, and select MCbackup.dol

    4 - Backup
    Press Y to choose which save file to backup on the SD card and press A
    If the file is already present on the SD Card, it will be overwritten !
    note : The file format is .gci

    5 - Restore
    Press X to access the file on the SD Card and choose the file to copy to the GC Memory Card.
    If the file is already present, it will NOT restore the save. You need to delete the save on the Memory Card before using MCBackup.

    Note :
    If it tells you it cannot write to the SD, or when running the restore menu it reset the console, try moving the write protection switch of your SD Card to "Lock" state.
    I had to use the Lock state to be able to write on mine (it's a Wiikey SDGecko, maybe it's mounted backward).

    Edit : I have an official Nintendo Memory card, and it's working fine with it (NuGaSa don't like them, but MCBackup works. I don't have animal crossing so I couldn't test its save file)

    Gamecube Saver :

    What you will need :
    - homebrew channel, or a way to run homebrew.
    - SD card

    This one allow only the writing of .gci save files from front SD slot, to either Memory card in Slot A or slot B.
    It doesn't allow extraction of GC saves.

    NuGaSa :

    what you will need :
    - homebrew channel, or a way to run homebrew.
    - SD card

    copy from and to Front SD/SlotA/SlotB
    Seems to have errors with official Nintendo memory cards.

    Save file Converter :

    this tool will convert .sav .gci format
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    Oct 30, 2008
    Thankyou for the exaustive answer!