Question about online play and regions

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    Hey everyone,
    So I got my hands on a few out-of-region titles and managed to get them running just fine on Mocha CFW.
    However, I'm a bit hesitant to try out online play in these titles. I read somewhere that a person's NNID is locked to a specific region. If I play a title online with a NNID that doesn't match the game region, I have a suspicion that Nintendo will notice this discrepancy and block my NNID.

    1)Can anyone confirm this?

    2)For these out-of-region titles, should I play them right on Mocha CFW or dump the discs and use Loadiine to play, or will it make no difference?

    3)Will changing game_region in sys_prod.xml to 119 [regionhax] make any difference in Mocha CFW?
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    Jan 3, 2017
    1. It's false. Nintendo has no way of verifying that you're running out-of-region game
    2. Say no to Loadiine
    3. Changing sys_prod.xml to 119 will allow you to boot out-of-region discs & games straight from plain sysNAND.