Question about NNID and installing cias

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by HolyHobo, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. HolyHobo

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    Oct 2, 2016
    United States
    I currently have a 2ds on sysNAND 9.2 and emuNAND on 11.1, I'm using a RxTools/menuhax combo to boot into emuNAND. I also have a n3ds on sysNAND 11.1. Is it possible to somehow link my NNID to the cias on my emuNAND so I'll have a ticket associated with my NNID, and then transfer them to my sysNAND n3ds?
    Thanks :P
    (P.S. I have access to the HB launcher on both systems)

    And yes I'm a newbie to this stuff, don't hate on me
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  2. Aletron9000

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    May 10, 2016
    United States
    3DS ARM9 CPU
    the ticket for those cias are invalid and are installed to your system. The only way you could possibly add it to your account is to hack Nintendo's servers. which cannot happen.

    simple answer: no
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  3. Clector

    Clector GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 15, 2016
    Not here
    You can"t do that without buying the games.
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