Question about GW 4.x key saves

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    May 3, 2006

    I have an O3DS XL with 4.5 firmware and EMUNAND 9.8 and I have another 3DS with 9.4 firmware.

    I used the GW to play Zelda MM rom on EMUNAND 9.8 (so it's used the 4.x key)
    I used this tutorial to backyp my Zelda MM save:
    I booted to Rxtools signpatched (same emunand 9.8) and restore the save to my Sky3DS.
    I CAN PLAY the game fine with the save on patched rx mode BUT I can't play it in GW classic mode (EMUNAND 9.8)! Save is corrupted!! Why? Classic mode doesn't use the 4.x key ??