qq3ds-buy follow up

Discussion in 'Online Stores and Purchases' started by iTzCorky, May 31, 2015.

  1. iTzCorky

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    May 17, 2015
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    Hey everyone this is an update from my original post. I bought the qq3ds from qq3ds-buy and it took about a week and a half to get. I can confirm that they are legit. The email I initially received was in English and Chinese even though it was stated to be US Based, but it really is not. It shipped from DHL then was handed over to USPS, the tracking also took 4 business days to update. If you guys have any questions just let me know.
  2. celinedrules

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    How long from the ship date did it take you to get this? I ordered from them on 9/3 and it finally shipped on 9/8. As of today, neither USPS or DHL have any record of this using the tracking number provided by qq3ds-buy.