[Q] Restoring E-shop access on Emunand

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    May 13, 2015
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    So, I no longer have access to the eshop on my emunand.

    Error code is: 022-2634

    Originally setup my N3DS > Emunand > Unlinked > NNID on the Emunand. Then recently setup a NNID on the Sysnand to download Iron Fall (Which I now know was pointless).
    Now that i've setup a NNID on the Sysnand, I have access to the E-shop on that end. But when trying to get back into the e-shop on the Emunand, I get the above error.

    I think restoring a backed up emunand will fix this, but i'm not positive, so i'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem & has the solution. :P

    *Asking before I try certain things myself, because i'm lazy and don't want to crack open the back of the N3DS to backup the contents :|*

    Edit: Went head and restored the backed up Emunand. Solved the problem.
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    its because your mset has been downgraded, so if you go into system settings, it wont say NNID on top. it doesnt work for me on emunand either, sysnand is fine