Hacking Puyo Puyo Tetris (JP) (English port v0.9)


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Oct 16, 2015
Just did a quick translation port since there are a lot of tools for this game and nobody is working on the Vita version yet. The game is probably 95-98% translated, excluding the Extra DLC stages. It didn’t crash for me on the week of working/testing on this project and hopefully, there will be no major problems with this release, so enjoy Multiplayer and ad-hoc play :)

What’s done in the v0.9 beta patch:

Hopefully ported most English text and images from the PC version to the Vita version that includes…
Menu’s images/text
Story mode
Arcade mode
Online mode
ad-hoc mode

What’s not translated:

A few texts that I’ve missed.
3 extra stage DLC translation cannot be ported yet (I don't have them)


some wrong images sizes (maybe)
Some Missing/corrupted text (maybe)
Some miss aligned text

Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore)
Repatch plugin installed on the Vita
NoNpDrm plugin installed on the Vita

How to install:
1. Extract the translation patch files on a single folder (preferably closer to the root directory i.e. D:\puyo_english_patch)
2. Using Vitashell browse ux0:app/
3. Highlight PCSG00224 folder and press Triangle -> then select Open decrypted. (refer to the NoNpDrm modding wiki for more details)
4. Press Select and connect Via FTP.
5. Using your favorite FTP application (WinSCP recommended) on the PC, browse ux0:app/PCSG00224
6. Copy the 'data' folder and eboot.bin to the 'original' folder on the translation patch files (i.e. to D:\puyo_english_patch\original)
7. Copying should take a while.... or a long time, have a coffee break or sumthing.
8. After copying, Double click 'Patch_Decrypted_files.bat' (You can open it in notepad to see what is being run)
9. After patching the files, QuickSFV will verify the hash of the files if they are patched correctly (any missing files or corrupted files will be indicated and the source is the problem)
10. Copy the generated "Repatch" folder to ux0
11. Play the game.

Link: 8mb xdelta+Quicksfv+patch files (you can verify the exe files on virus total to know its safe)

Ad-hoc works fine, played a few rounds
It seems Online play also works fine regardless account region, played between my HK and JP account, then HK and US account. Though I’ve selected “Not set” region in the option or when asked.
I've only tested the xdelta batch patching method on my windows 10 64bit pc, if there are other more user-friendly multi files patching method for the end user, please let me know.
You might need to unblock the downloaded rar archive (right click rar file -> properties -> tick, unblock)

Special thanks to nickworonekin for his narchive and puyo-text-editor that make it possible to easily port this translation.

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