PSP TV Remote?

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    Hey killahs,

    Got a PSP question for anyone that might be in the know. I'm running a PSP 1000 series, CFW (5.00 m33-4 i think) and i believe i've heard of some TV Remote Control homebrew, but i cannot really find anything. Google is no help, because anything i've tried for PSP and TV (any combo or quotation mark usage) pulls up tons of pages for PSP Phat TV-Out threads/questions/solutions and thats NOT for what i'm looking. [​IMG]

    I'd prefer a universal remote program, but i don't know if one is available. I *did* see a youtube link for a Panasonic TV psp homebrew, but i don't have a panasonic, so that wouldn't be too helpful either.

    If there's NOT a universal homebrew remote, then is there one specifically for Olevia TVs? (yup, thats what i have, yup, i know they're pretty shitty tvs, so i don't need the flames for that.)

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    look at IRshell it a good app the has
    a universal remote program
    and lot more
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    TBH they are a bit crappy here's mine PSP Universal remote + remote profiles link

    Copy the PSP folder and is contents to the ROOT of your mem card and it will install the EBOOT into the correct folder (choose yes when it asks do you want to overwrite .. this is ok to do as its just putting the files and folders in the right places [​IMG] ) .......

    Copy the remotes folder and its contents as it is to the ROOT of your mem card these are the remote profiles there's loads of them (328) to be exact [​IMG] one of them may work!? ...

    You may need to look up what the universal remote alternatives are available or similar for your TV as there isn't a specific one for it [​IMG]