PSP to TV Color Wash Problem Fixed*

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    This is not true for every psp game you play on your tv, using the tv-out cable. The problem is also not the result of using a fake, third party component cable for tv out on the psp 2000/2001.

    Legend of Legaia, would lose color every 30 minutes of play, until I restart the game, but after changing to POPS 3.90 the problem was fixed (and the screen was slightly smaller on the tv), (16:9 Progressive Mode).

    The Problem was the version of Pops. I'm using the 6.xx Pro C-FIX3 firmware.

    Any firmware, from 4.01 and above caused the color issue with Legend of Legaia, this is not true for every game. (I tested quite a few versions, but not all versions of POPS).

    (Had to use a component switch, this one, ... to fix the BLACK SCREEN ON DARK SCREEN problem with the PS VITA, that happens on dark screens or load screen, I believe the problem is because my lcd tv is a cheap brand (JVC 32 INCH), anyway that worked, so this isn't the same problem as with the PSP, but may help)
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