Psp go save issues

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    Jul 7, 2017
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    i have a psp go on infinity and no memory card.

    My issue is I save my games (iso/psx) on the internal memory. Normally, I could scroll to the game section and see them all listed. However I run into two issues once I start to play them.

    1) my psp iso (street fighter alpha max) searches for a memory card. How do I make it so it saves on the internal memory?

    2) thIs is my biggest issue. When I load up a psx game. The game will auto create a save file on the internal memory. The issue is when I go back to xmb everything in the "system storage" folder disappears. The entire folder is gone. The folder saved data utility shows up with that save state. I can't open that save state nor can I find the games on my system storage.

    How do I fix these issues?