Hardware PSP 1000 - Recoverable?

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Hi Guys!

Basically a few months back, I downgraded my 6.60 PSP 1000 to 1.50, because I just wanted to see the difference myself in the firmware's. :/ From what i remember after setting up recovery flasher and everything, it flashed now, from what I remember the flash was successful, the PSP is stuck on a black screen and green light. Interestingly the green light never goes off just stays there.

Anyone know anything I can do or will I need a Pandora Battery!

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Nov 20, 2008
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Maybe a silly question, but have you tried holding R button when turning it on to access recovery menu? If you can't get into that then probably you'll need Pandora.

you may not have been aware of this, but some later 1000s had different motherboard and came with a >2.00 firmware, not sure what a downgrade to 1.50 would do to them.
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