PSA: What flashcart should I buy?

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  3. Whats a dess flashcart?

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  1. PaiiNSteven

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    No wars in the comments about what flashcart is best. This is a thread to let people know the pros and cons about flashcarts, not opinions on which is best.

    I'm surprised no one has tried this yet. Basically im making this thread just to keep the "WHAT FLASHCARD SHOULD I BUY DSKANDOISAN" threads down to a minimum. Please help me by adding on in the comments. Shops and such are listed below. Currently these are 3DS flashcarts only.

    - Works on any firmware up to latest.
    - Includes multirom

    - Only works with actual retail 3DS games (no modified .3ds roms, etc.)
    - Cost
    - Have to use a diskwriter to add roms.
    - Only works with games of your region, unless you use regionfour or HANS.

    Gateway (and other gateway clones)
    - Works with ANY rom!
    - Compatible with the Gateway CFW, which also includes tools that help manage the 3DS.
    - Comes with a DS Mode flashcart.
    - Unique real time cheat.

    - Known for bricks (especially clones, but happens with the original card aswell).
    - Works 4.x - 9.2
    - 3DS cart only works with Gateway CFW
    - Cost

    - One flashcart for 3DS, DS, GBA, and SNES.
    - Uses special firmware aside from r4 for max compatibility.
    - Allows special homebrew made for DSTWO to be installed.
    - On-board RAM that allows for SNES and GBA emulation. (basically, more fast)

    - Known for bricks while trying to get into 3DS mode.
    - 3DS mode works 4.x - 9.2.
    - Not sure if this is a hardware issue or something, but mine broke after using it twice. Couldnt find where I bought it so I couldnt return it.
    - Extra RAM can drain battery.

    - Works on any firmware up to latest.
    - Better multirom than original Sky3DS.
    - MicroUSB slot on side of card for ease of access.
    - Much better way of playing roms off of card (compared to Sky3DS original.)

    - Only works with actual retail 3DS games (no modified .3ds roms, etc.)
    - Not many changes from original Sky3DS.
    - Cost
    - Only works with games of your region, unless you use regionfour or HANS.

    In my opinion, a9lh is your best bet if you want free will over your 3DS while we wait for bootromhax. However, I think that collecting flashcards is kinda cool and adds more options to your piracy. Look at (lists out the different shops and prices) and (official reseller of gbatemp) to buy these.

    If you want to install a CFW rather than buying a flashcart, look at this thread. Its good. :P
    please give me wows i worked decently on this
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  2. Temptress Cerise

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    May 1, 2016
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    I think the no homebrew on the Sky3DS//Sky3DS+ is kind of wrong. Just get a rom of Cubic Ninja or Freakyforms Deluxe, and you got your Homebrew access. Maybe you meant no romhacks?

    As for the Gateway3DS it might also be considered a con that it only works with GatewayCFW.

    Anyways I own a Gateway3DS and Sky3DS+ and like both. I use my Sky3DS+ for *hax exploits when setting up A9LH on my friends 3DS systems and use my Gateway3DS for cheats and romhacks.
  3. xXDungeon_CrawlerXx

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    Jul 29, 2015
    Just get a CFW + CIA's
    Flashcards are useless these days
  4. Binebina87

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    May 27, 2013
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    Something you maybe want to add:

    Pro: unique real time Cheat engine (with no need to use a PC)

    Sky / Sky+
    Con: iirc Only play Roms compatible with your 3DS' region (if you dont use HANS)

    - Circling through games can take a while if have many on your mSD card
    - You have to use their Diskwriter program to add games

    Con: The additional Ram drains more battery
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