PS4 1.76 CFW??? 3.50 Backup Loader??? NOT CONFIRMED!!!

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    To quote racer0018 from PSXHAX (Don't recommend signing up it's a very unsafe Xenforo website.):

    "Okay so here is what I know. I know for a fact that there is cfw around for the ps4. No its not public and it may not ever be.

    With the people that make this stuff there are reasons that they may want to keep it out of the public eye. For one is that it doesn't really show Sony what they are doing, there fore Sony can't patch it later. And it also allows them to play with it and not worry about Sony messing with it.

    Okay moving on, so what I know. There is cfw for the ps4. The biggest question is what firmware is it on, we'll the ones that I have seen is on 1.76 and I haven't seen anything higher. From what I have heard is that they are close to getting it to work on higher but nothing has been shown to me about it.

    On the higher firmware 3.50 I have seen a backup loader type of program working on one and it does load backups. Only some games work and some don't. It doesn't play online and it doesn't allow updates for the games. For higher firmware 3.50, they are working on things to work on higher firmware. But nothing has come out so far for higher firmware.

    Okay so what do I have here at the house? I do have copies of the 1.76 cfw here, I haven't tried it on my systems but I was thinking about giving it a try. I have 2 systems that are on 1.76 or lower. Next the big question is when will it come out? I don't know the answer to this one at all. Please don't PM me and ask to have me send it to you.

    One thing is that it won't happen, when I get this to test, I have to promise them that I won't release it to others and I have and never will release things to others. In all the years of messing around with systems and other things I have never release things and I will never release them, so please don't ask. Next is that I had to ask if I could post this up and tell what was out and about.

    So to sum it up on what I know for sure. I have seen cfw on a ps4 running at firmware 1.76 and I have a copy of the firmware to try if I want to. The problem is that I don't if it will brick the system and I don't know of a way to unbrick the system as if yet. I have seen pictures of loaders working on a ps4 running on firmware 3.50. I have talked to hackers / friends that have been working on the setting systems and know that there are things that they are working on with firmware higher than 3.50.

    As of right now lol, this is all that I can say. Once more is known I will post up, if it's okay with the people that work on this stuff. Again I didn't make the cfw or the loaders for this. I can't release it and I won't so please don't ask. I will ask about maybe posting a video or pictures of this stuff working. Maybe a video once I get the balls to try it on my brand new ps4 still in the box.

    This is what I know, if more people know more than please add this. I know that a lot of stuff is being done with the new systems and it will come out at some point. I know that the Xbox one is being worked on and they are close. The wii u has been hacked and something like cfw is around for that. that is hearsay I have not seen it. and the ps4 is getting there fast, so sit back and relax, things will be coming out soon for all this stuff. thanks all"

    Not confirmed if this is real, I am sure a CFW has been privately released although we can't know if this user is giving correct info. He seems to be a trusted member on PSXHAX. Up to you to decide. *Sigh, I am giving up hope guys... Anyways good luck! :D
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