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    Let me applogize if this question has been asked before.

    Well I got a ps3 slim with a ps3break running 3.41 firmware.

    I transfered a game through a USB device and I loaded it up on backup manager.

    The game which I taught was JB for 3.41 prompts me to download to 3.42 for the game in order to play.

    Do I have to upgrade to 3.42 to play that game or can I play the game on 3.41? Am I missing something?

    The Ps3 break website is no help as the download software it has have non working links. I am not trying to play online, I just want to play the game.

    On a sidenote, I've visted some other sites but this site is a lot easier on the eyes.
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    Softmodding the PS3 is fairly "young", I'd say that jumping on the bandwagon is silly when he already bought a tried-and-true method, especially if someone's a newbie to begin with (no offense intended - you stated that yourself, OP). Personally I'd wait for more advanced and "safe" CFW's.

    Remember, a softmod is permanent. A PSBreak isn't - you just take out the stick.
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    SoftMod is not "totally" permanent, as you can always reinstall an Official firmware of the same version over it.
    Though, I understand what you are saying. The jailbreak is only stored in memory and when the Console is switched off, it's removed completely, while softmod CFW writes it physically and is a permanent change in the firmware files.
    (I'm Myself on 3.41 ofw + dongle)

    About your problem :
    Which backup Manager are you using, and which version?

    Gaia Manager 1.04.1, or MultiMan 1.17.00 (and certainly Rogero too) can patch the 3.42 games to work on 3.41 automatically.
    You don't need to update your PS3.

    When you run your game for the first time using one of these Managers, it will ask you if you want to patch the Param.sfo, just answer yes.
    It will set the "required Firmware Version" to the one you are currently using (3.41) and the game will stop asking for the update.

    If you are using an old Manager (Backup Manager, Backup Manager1.x, Open Manager, Open Manager 2), I suggest you use a file Manager to move your games into a better folder.
    These managers used their own sub-folders to store the games, and if you delete the manager it deletes the games too.
    dev_hdd0:/game/LAUN12345/your backup's folder are stored here/
    dev_hdd0:/game/OMANxxxx/your backup's folder are stored here/PS3_GAME/etc.
    -------------------------^ Manager's folder (Installed pkg TitleID)

    Now the managers are using folders outside their own folder, and these are common places for all the new managers.
    the possible folder are:
    there are other possible, but these are the most used.

    You can use an FTP server to create the folder you want, and Awesome File Manager, or MultiMan to move your backups folder into the newly created folder.

    Gaia Manager packages are provided in different versions and read only the designated folder (Games or Gamez), while MultiMan can read all the folders at the same time.
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    Just put kmeaw 3.55 i have never looked back ever since.
    No jailbreak usb required.
    Works 100%.
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    Have you updated the dongle firmware where it spoofs it to 3.55?
    The download links work, it directs you to another website.
    EDIT....yes some of the links are gone/down, Google is your friend!