PS3 wireless networking problem

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Wanted, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Wanted

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    Nov 5, 2002
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    Got s PS3 with my new TV and i'm having a problem with the networking. Others can definately run a PS3 with WEP and MAC filtering so it should be possible. Anyway here goes:

    I use WEP because I need to use my DS with wireless. To add security I hide the SSID and filter to only allow certain MAC addresses. The problem is my PS3 says it can't connect. It only works when I disable the MAC filtering. I checked the MAC address from the system settings and added it 100% correctly.

    If I disable the MAC filter and connect I can see the PS3 connected to the router and the MAC matches what I have allowed. No matter what I do it just fails with the filter on. Oh and it works through ethernet with the MAC filter on too...

    I was guessing the wireless MAC is not the same as the ethernet one but like I said when I connect wirelessly the MAC it shows as connected is the same one.

    Any ideas?
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